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The purpose of the program is to popularize motor racing in our country. Since its launch in 2013, dozens of young Russian drivers began its participants and many of them have already achieved success on a global level.

Matteucci Management is an international full-service sports agency for athletes throughout the world. It attempts to develop a more personal relationship with the athlete in addition to providing excellent client representation, to prepare and address the athletic, business, and personal aspects of its clients' career. To address these varied requirements, the company has developed a wide range of services and strategic relationships to offer its clients.

Bell designs and develops innovative, technically superior auto racing helmets and accessories that maximize protection and enhance driver performance.

The MB K Line is currently one of the best-renowned centres, specialized in the custom painting and the sale of crash helmets.

Formed in 1994, is a technologically advanced international digital media group specializing in motor racing content offering 21 editions in 14 languages, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On this site I have my own blog.