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Australian Grand Prix (Melbourne)

“Very difficult circuit to drive. Combination of one of the most bumpy tracks with hard medium-short braking zones with a sharp and quick turning points ahead requires maximum from the driver preciseness and his confident in the car stability. Weather can also play a role in the car and tyre behavior through out the race with struggling to warm up front axle in cold conditions or facing rear overheating towards the end of the lap in hot weather.”

— Sergey Sirotkin

Interesting Facts

The next weekend will be a debut for Sergey in Formula 1. In addition, he never performed on the track in Melbourne.

The potential of the FW41 remains a mystery: the fastest time for Williams in the pre-season tests was shown by Sergey on Soft tires.

Last year Williams earned 8 points at the Australian Grand Prix thanks to Felipe Massa's 6th place.